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It's no secret that Classify is the industry-leading cloud-based media, adviser and investor targeting software. Classify is built into the Disclosure Management System or Platform id. , which thousands of public and private companies already use today.

Corporate issuers subscribe to Classify from Issuer Direct to gain access to:

  • Registered InvestmentAdvisers

  • Chartered Financial Analysts

  • Firms (Banks and Brokers)

  • Family Offices

  • Accredited Investors

  • Retail Investors

  • Registered Representatives

Point - Click - Engage - It’s that easy!

FinTech makes it simple. If you are looking for the newest and most comprehensive media professionals, you have come to the right place. Gain an advantage in building strong relationships with Classify's retail investor intelligence.  

The industry-leading, cloud-based media, adviser and investor targeting software boasts more than four million prime contacts from several areas:

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Looking for advisers by region? Classify also brings them to life.


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Build a targeted list for your next road show or investor conference in the city of your choice.


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Classify is built into the disclosure management system which is already used by thousand of public and private companies.